Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here are our two papillons, who are good examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum for the papillon breed.  Mickey, the smaller dog, is a well-bred and typy papillon. He is about 8.5 inches tall and 6 lbs. His coat is on the softer side and he has a lot of it! He also has miles of long ear fringe. Maverick is the taller dog. He is way over the acceptable size limit for a papillon at about 14 inches tall(maybe a little more). He comes from a rescue group and is of puppy mill breeding. He has a nice, flat wash and wear coat. His drop ears are acceptable for the breed.

Both boys are great little dogs. Mickey is my bed buddy, and Maverick is in training to be our daughter's agility dog. He has the best personality of just about any dog we've had.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching Up

Wow!  Time is really flying by.  We have been so busy the past few weeks.  I am finally substitute teaching.  It took four months to complete one class and jump through all the hoops, paper work, and delays with the state of Nebraska for my certificate. I am into my second week of subbing in our district and am thrilled that I have been almost universally happy with what I have been seeing in the schools. These are good kids and good schools.

I have also finished my first real estate course and am still on schedule to have a real estate salesperson license sometime early next year. 

The kids are doing well. Our club hosted our swim meet this weekend and both kids did very well. Son is turning into a breaststroke specialist and Daughter continues to excel in the backstroke and individual medleys.  Daughter was honored at school this morning as her class student of the month for October. 

Only the doggies are suffering from my new found employment. They are having to adjust to  more time home alone and less time spent on walks and training. We are working on balancing all the demands on our time for both needs and desires. It's a work in progress!