Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silver and Gold

There has been a lot happening at our house in the past month. We've enjoyed the company of several visitors from out of town and spent some time enjoying the sights in Omaha with them.

The dogs are keeping me busy. Brynley has been growing and is really starting to look like a grown up sheltie. Okay, a teenage sheltie. He is progressing well in his agility foundation training. He has gone over size and is very distracted at training class these days, so I'm thinking his appointment with the vet for a brain adjustment will be soon! Sad news has been learning that Casey has an insulinoma, a cancer on his pancreas which is producing excess insulin. We have opted to manage this conservatively, which means frequent meals to keep up his blood sugar. He's pretty happy with this plan, but I am sad knowing our time together likely won't be too much longer, months if we are lucky. Thank God for puppies to brighten our day. I am also back to training agility with Annie, and I'm glad of it. I'm focused on all her good points these days, she really has so much to offer.

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