Sunday, April 18, 2010

the journey.... beautiful Iowa

I'm tearing myself away from Farmville to update my much neglected blog. It seems like things have been pretty busy. We enjoyed some beautiful weather over spring break, and I spent it teaching Brynley to weave.  Hobbling around in first a walking boot, and graduating to an ankle brace. Last week, Tracy Sklenar came to Iowa, and I got to spend four days working on moving to a higher plane of awareness in my agility journey. I'm pleased that Bryn is weaving, but I came away from the seminar with a page of things to work on in his training before we think of trialling. I'm sure I'll find the time somewhere. I have a new awareness of foundation training we need to focus on.

Meanwhile, the foot and ankle are progressing in healing. I hit a low point early last week when it seemed like it just hasn't gotten much better. (fortunately, I didn't have to run much at the agility seminar)  I've been doing physical therapy for almost three weeks. I think the last couple of days have seen a turning point. I seem to walking with less pain, and today I even went for a short bike ride (though I won't be locking in my pedals with cleats any time soon).

The agility seminar took place just over the river in Iowa at the beautiful Fairacres Agility. The views are just
fantastic, and I think this must be the prettiest agility field that I've ever been fortunate enough to run on.