Monday, February 8, 2010

I didn't play with dolls

but now I do!
No, that isn't my laundry. It's a pile of American Girl doll clothes.  The clothes that cost more than mine or my daughter's. 
We got their hair all combed out and nice.
Then Daughter got them all dressed up in party clothes. 
An aussie's job is never done. Got to guard all these dolls! Maybe I'll be invited to the party?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

old friend and new

My young, fast sheltie will hopefully be making is agility debut sometime this year. This has inspired me to do something about getting in shape to do a little better job of keeping up with him. I am spending time with an old friend, my bicycle. I love this bike. It is a 2003 Specialized Sirrus. It's a style of bike called a fast hybrid, basically a road bike that has the design of a mountain bike without the weight. Currently the only miles we are putting in are on the wind trainer in the basement, but when warm weather comes, for the first time in years, I intend to be fit enough to hit the bike trails. The Wabash Trace has been calling my name since we moved here, this year we get acquainted.
This is my new friend, my yoga mat. Have I mentioned that I love yoga? I went to my first yoga class just about 4 weeks ago when we joined the YMCA. I love yoga! This new friend is going to be a lifelong one.