Monday, January 9, 2012


This is a sad way to start the new year. We lost our sweet Annie unexpectedly on January 7. I know some of you have wondered what happened. I think it was probably due to bloat. She was feeling a little unwell. I knew her stomach was upset and she'd had some loose stools. I had no idea the problem was so bad, or that we would lose her so quickly. It was Saturday. We were in and out and not really wanting to go the emergency vet. She had had upset stomachs in the past, and I did not really believe that this could be serious. She seemed to be doing better. She was in the kitchen under the table when I went to check on her early in the evening. I knew as soon as I saw her stretched out with her eyes open and staring that we were losing her. She may have already been gone by then. She was convulsing. Within minutes, there was no more movement, and we knew our beautiful girl was really gone. Just that suddenly. My heart is broken.