Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bear Repair

A couple of nights ago, Brynley was wanting to play with his purple bear. Brown teddy, city squirrel, or moo cow wouldn't do. It had to be purple bear. But purple bear had a problem, a hole in his head was losing stuffing.
No one knows how purple bear came to have a hole in the head.

Luckily, Daddy thought repairs could be made, and purple bear could be saved.

Brynley kept a close watch on the proceedings to make sure purple bear was well-cared for.

It was a happy moment when his purple bear could be returned.

Thanks, Dad!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brits, blogs, and stuff

I've been reading blogs today. I'm sick you see. Nastiest case of strep throat ever. I took a peak at my throat yesterday, it looked like swollen cauliflower in there (gross!), so I immediately gave up any guilt about laying around sick. Doctor said I had to be in like quarantine for 24 hours because of being terribly contagious. Even Husband was impressed (though I think he's still half convinced I'm just trying to be lazy and inconvenience him). I'm improving today thanks to wonderful antibiotics and lots of tylenol and ibuprofen to control the fiery pain in my throat. Presumably, I am allowed out of quarantine, now my first 24 hours on antibiotics are up, but really, I just don't have the energy. So here I am.

Oh yes, blogs. I've been reading blogs. I love blogs about all things British. I read several blogs by British expats in America and sometimes by American expats in Britain. My mom (mum?) is a British expat. She is an American citizen and has lived in California longer than most California natives. She is very American to most Brits, and yet still somewhat British to most Americans. My dear godmother is another British expat. So as you can see, I had a fair bit of British influence growing up. Basically this just means that I speak with just enough hint of English syntax or vocabulary choice for people to think that I'm a snob. I'm really not. It's just how the voice in my head (which often sounds suspiciously like my mother) talks. Me, I'm just a California girl with British accented voices in my head. Oh dear, I shouldn't admit to voices in my head! My brother and I, I think, are both convinced at times that we were supposed to have been born in England and should have grown up as Brits. But that would be another story.

So, these other bloggers all seem so witty and clever. Some are so funny. I'd like to be, but I think only I really think so. Some are so artistic or good at crafts, definitely not me. Some are fabulous photographers. My pictures are decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the blogs I read are by amazing dog trainers and top agility competitors. I'm average. Actually, I've been feeling a little guilty for the last month or two because, honestly, I've done almost no training with my brilliant young dog. I mean seriously, have you looked at the weather here? It sucks this time of year. It's cold, there is snow. Agility is something I play when the temperature gets above 40 degrees and the snow and ice go away so I can play outside. So there. That's just how it is. That's all for now.

Here's a kind of cool picture I took of a storm coming in last spring. I can't wait for spring.