Friday, May 22, 2009


This month has been so busy, I can barely stop to think.  I got my real estate license on May 1, and have been on the go ever since.  I am working with CBSHome Real Estate in the Omaha area.  This company has a great education department, and that is where I have spent this month.  I am really enjoying being "out in the real world", so far.  And I'm sure I'll eventually find time to clean my house and do some laundry again!  I feel well prepared as I make plans to get my real estate business going.

Meanwhile, my darling aussie, Annie has come back to be my dog.  She made it pretty clear, and in public fashion, that at least when it comes to agility, she is a one person dog; mine. I have to really commend my husband, Duane, for not taking it too badly when the dog that was supposed to be his publicly declared that it wasn't to be so.  Of course, when the time comes that we can add a dog to the family, it will be his, and I get no say whatsoever in who that dog is!  I can't argue with that.  So now, I am training my baby Brynley and Annie.  Duane is tasked with training Maverick for our daughter.  

Annie and I are going all the way back to foundation training to work on her issues that have been building up over the years.  She is such an anxious girl.  I am convinced that it is not that she doesn't like agility, she just worries a lot.  I feel confident that going back to Susan Garrett's foundation training will help her both in agility and more importantly in every day life.  Expect to be hearing more as I put in the time to retrain and help my awesome, anxious girl.  And thanks, Duane.  We love you.

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