Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My dogs

I took Annie to an AKC trial here in Omaha 2 weekends ago. We only ran in Jumpers with Weaves. I am happy to say that we got a qualifying score on Sunday, her first in Excellent A JWW. Best of all, we ran well together both days. Annie is an agility dog with issues. Handling her is a puzzle that can be an interesting intellectual exercise. There are answers. One of which is that she runs for me. We both had a good time. I'm not giving up. We are doing a USDAA trial in a few weeks, and I entered everything. Back to contacts. At least we are in Starters. I'm hoping for joy and flow in our runs together.

Brynley is looking very grown up. He seems to have stopped growing, and I neutered him this month at 9 1/2 months old. It's time to focus on his career as an agility dog. (like we haven't since he was born) I think he is such a beautiful boy. I know in a couple of years he will still look like this, but with a whole ton of coat added. I'm happy to report that he loves to be brushed, cause he's going to be groomed a lot! I am very happy with how he is doing in Susan Garrett's foundation training. What he has been learning this year is going to make the rest of agility so much easier.

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Apple said...

Beautiful dogs!!