Thursday, August 28, 2008

changing direction

Well, the first week of school has been interesting.  Son came home with four incomplete homework slips in the first five days of school. Many emails with is teacher have been exchanged. I have met after school with his teacher and resource teacher. Side note - I'm excited that he has a resource teacher in his classroom to help him in the afternoons. The short story is that I decided on Tuesday that he needed to be back on his medication. I would like to say that I agonized over the decision, but I didn't. Son takes a low dose of an extended release form of ritalin. It is night and day between whether he can focus in school and do the tasks he has to do. I wish he was "normal". I really wish he could function without this expensive drug that causes side effects I don't like. I don't get to choose. I am going to do whatever it takes to help my son. Last night as we were leaving swimming practice, Son's coach stopped me to tell me how well he had done at practice. She specifically commented on how well he payed attention and followed directions. It had been all day since he had taken his medication. She had no idea I had given it to him. The medication makes his life easier and better. I will accept that.


Lisa Leonard said...

Can't argue with those kind of results. Thanks goodness there is a low dose he can take that makes the difference. Do you like his teacher?

Patience-please said...

Here's some fun news! You won the Stupid City Squirrellie! Stop by to get the email address.

Patience and the whippets

dark_one said...

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