Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet the kids and canines

So that's me in the back holding my old guy Jake. He is now waiting and playing agility at the rainbow bridge. Daughter is holding her huge papillon, our newest dog, Maverick, who is a rescued phalene. Duane is sitting with Casey, my old sheltie guy who does agility with Daughter, and Son is holding his favorite snuggle dog, Mickey. Annie is the Australian shepherd who is my current dog competing in agility and now training for flyball. Maverick is also being trained for flyball by Duane and Daughter. 


Lisa Leonard said...

Yippee! So glad you are blogging! Love the pics. I just linked you!!

P. Steve said...

Hey sis--great to see you blogging! Now I can keep up with happenings in Omaha (or thereabouts!) makes me think I need to blog again myself. Love You!