Monday, January 12, 2009


It seems like we've been pretty busy since Christmas.  We took Son to Colorado to a dyslexia testing specialist.  We think he is dyslexic, but we'll get her report back at the beginning of February.  I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to best help him.  Should we home school?  But I don't want to take him away from friends he is just starting to make, and I like our junior high that he will go to next year. So many questions...

On to the dogs.  Don't most people have a line of masking tape on their carpet, so they have a reward line for throwing hot dogs while teaching 2 x 2 weave poles?  Is throwing hot dogs on your carpet in the name of training an awesome agility dog a normal thing?  I thought so.  My Susan Garrett seminar is rescheduled for the very end of the month.  I'll be so happy to finally get to go!
Isn't he cute?
He's cute too, although not too happy at having pictures taken!


Sheila said...

Hi As a dog-lover, veterinarian, and mom (6 human kids, 3 furkids) and homeschooler I vote for homeschooling. We started 5 years ago, not because of any problem with the schools either, I just wanted more of my kids. 3 are at university now. Anyway, if you ever want to ask questions about it feel free to email me, we are even sort of neighbors(SD is close on the global scale!) Sheila

Teri said...

Thanks, Sheila,

I'm still debating, just waiting to see how this year ends up. I do like the jr. high he'll be at next year. I have been subbing there.