Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Agility and Answers

Duane and Annie made their agility debut as a team this weekend.  We went to a NADAC trial, which was a first for all of us.  We were in an unheated, indoor horse arena, and it was COLD!  Duane and Annie did great.  Saturday started a little slow, with Annie looking around a lot and both of them getting used to each other, but they did qualify in 2 of their 6 runs. On Sunday they were on fire.  Annie qualified in all 6 runs, with 1st places in her standard runs for her NAC title, and they were 2nd in all their games classes.  Way to go!

Finally, after 6 1/2 years of school, we are getting some answers for Son.  We spent a large sum on private dyslexia testing, and now we know, that yes, he is dyslexic.  I've suspected he has dyslexia since 4th grade, and now he is in 6th grade, why did it take so long?  I guess the answer is because it is almost impossible to get information and testing in the public schools.  The good news is, now that we know, there is a lot we can do to help him, I just wish we had known sooner. The bad news is, that just like the testing, he is unlikely to get the help he needs in the public schools.  Legally, the schools are required to provide a free, appropriate education, but the reality is, that it's unlikely to happen.  I plan to provide the appropriate tutoring myself, so we'll see how it goes.
Find the Papillon in this pile of animals!  Too cute.

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