Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm dedicating this post to my brother.  Today, we headed out on our first family bike ride of the year.  We made it 5 miles.  Both kids just moved up to bigger bikes.  Son is now riding a small adult bike!  Eastern Nebraska and western Iowa are great areas for bike riding (weather permitting).  We have literally hundreds of miles of bike paths.  The only issue is that being in the plains, the wind always blows.  Head winds, cross winds, both together.  I want to point out that the prairie is not even close to flat.  This is the only place I've ridden where somehow you can be going uphill, into a head wind, both coming and going.  Seriously!  Ride it and you'll believe me.  The weather today was so perfect, it seemed like everyone was out on bikes. We saw people and bikes of all shapes and sizes.  Families, kids with training wheels, serious roadies, and even a couple on a recumbent tandem.  I wish I could manage to take pictures while I'm riding, but I'm not that good!
Here's Duane and the kids on the bike trail not far from our house.
Moving up to bigger bikes.
Daughter loves to ride her bike.  She is so thrilled to have inherited Brother's last bike.

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P. Steve said...

Thanks for the dedication! Great to see you guys out enjoying your bikes--I got to get out mountain biking over the weekend with Ethan and Leo and loved it. I get the uphill with a wind thing--we have a road here, the center of which I swear is the epicenter of all wind in the world! Love you guys!!!!