Sunday, March 1, 2009

Troublesome Toy

This is what happens when dogs eat things they shouldn't. Two weeks ago, Casey got sick and was vomiting blood.  We took him to vet emergency, where he spent the night and had a series of x-rays.  The vet thought she saw a foreign object. The next morning, we transferred him to our regular vet, who was less sure it was a foreign object and thought he might have a tumor.  The condensed version is, that they got him feeling better, and he came home.  Fast forward to this past Monday.  Casey again threw up, and I took him straight in for an x-ray.  The apparent foreign object had not moved.  Tuesday, he had exploratory surgery.  The object was located and milked out of his colon.  Casey came home, and has been feeling very sorry for himself.  He has slowly been recovering this week, and seems to begin to be in less pain.
A 10 inch incision, no wonder he came home in a lot of pain.
The source of the problem, a little helmet from a Star Wars stormtrooper, no bigger than a penny.  It is only slightly squashed and discolored after a trip through Casey's digestive system.
Not a happy dog.  He is feeling better today. 

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