Saturday, December 18, 2010

my fine young man

My son, my first born, he is growing up in to a fine young man. He's in 8th grade now, he'll be 14 in a couple of months, it's hard to believe. He is really growing up this year. We've had struggles over the years. He has dyslexia and ADD. He receives special education services at school. He is a smart kid. This year, he is starting to be the successful, confident, young man I've always hoped he would be. Next month, he will participate at his school level in the National Geography Bee. He is one of only 29 students, out of the hundreds at his middle school, that made the qualifying cut off score. A special ed  student competing in a competition that was mostly intended for the gifted kids. Rock on! Dyslexia has hidden his gifts for long enough. 
He's plays flute in his 8th grade band, right in the middle of the flute section. 

He loves fencing.

I love that smile.

He is a swimmer. Breaststroke is his favorite. When he was younger he sort of looked like a flopping fish. His times were, in a word, slow. Now he slices through the water with a smooth, seemingly effortless stroke. His times are dropping fast. 



Gliding through the water, swimmers are being passed, times are coming down, confidence is going up. 
Small rewards of being a parent. 

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Expat mum said...

Wow - what a guy. I have a number of kids with learning issues and once you find their talents, there's no stopping them.