Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cool Tools

I went shopping last week looking for a digital voice recorder for my son and came home with several cool, electronic gadgets I'm hoping will help him with his school work. I did get the recorder, and a calculator, and my favorite, an electronic dictionary and thesaurus. Son is not very keen on using the voice recorder to pre-write his essays, but he really likes the dictionary. It works like a spell checker on a word processing program, so he can type a word in the way he thinks it sounds and the dictionary will offer the correct spelling. Very cool!
On a personal note, I am still waiting for my substitute teacher certification from the state of Nebraska, so I'm sitting home not doing enough.  Yesterday I signed up to start taking correspondence courses towards the real estate license I'm wanting to get. Yes, this seems like a crazy time to get into real estate, but the market in this area seems pretty steady and I figure I'll be well-positioned when things improve. It's exciting to think of doing something new just because I want to do it!

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