Saturday, September 6, 2008

running in circles

Its been an interesting week. We are still trying to get Son settled into school.  He is getting more organized and bringing most of his homework home, usually, but he has had a lot of it. This week it has been having to redo his math almost daily. I have long thought it likely that he has dyslexia, but this is not something the schools will test for. It is quite a challenge trying to tease out what is really going on with kids like this that are seemingly bright, yet struggle in school. There is no communication between people like the teacher and resource specialists and the occupational therapists. And then parents are on their own to try to find someone qualified to evaluate for dyslexia and other similar conditions. We have been running in these circles for years. With junior high next year, I fear we are running out of time for my Son. Each year the difficulties are magnified. We live near a large city now, so I am more hopeful that I will find the right people to help us to help him.

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Lisa Leonard said...

Ahhh, that sounds so frustrating! I got your message. I'll give you a call tomorrow. Hang in there!!