Wednesday, September 10, 2008

squirrel and school

The stoopid, city squirrellie arrived, and Annie is keeping it safe from papillons and other predators. Thanks, Patience!
Maverick is trying mental telepathy to convince me to help him steal the squirrel. 
Mickey says, "I'll just stay here and look beautiful. Maybe, Mom will give me a treat. I hope no on mistakes me for a squirrel." 
And Casey, well, he didn't bother waking up to check out the excitement. 

On the kid's side of things, I had a meeting yesterday with Daughter's teacher. I am so excited to be able to say that I was completely thrilled with the curriculum and projects planned for this school year. I no longer have any fears that my bright child will be bored in school this year. I think they will keep her busy and interested!  It was such a relief to learn that this school really has what we have been looking for in an educational program. It was a big decision to leave Louisiana and make the family move yet again, and the schools were a big part of our decision. I feel much more confident now that moving was the right choice for our family. Our son is  also doing a little better as he settles into a routine. I'm wishing he had had more than one year at this school. 

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