Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We got the report on Son's dyslexia testing last week.  Although we knew he was dyslexic before reading the report, it still left me stunned.  I spent several days reading and rereading and absorbing all the information it had about my son.  Suddenly, all the years of his struggles in school made perfect sense. The details were mind blowing even to me, as familiar as I've been with his struggles.  His diagnosis is moderate to severe dyslexia and severe disgraphia (that's the difficulties with handwriting that usually accompanies dyslexia).  I'm trying to move past the guilt of allowing my child to be tortured in school for so many years, when I knew something wasn't right.  The good news is, now that we have a diagnosis, there is much that can be done to help him.  I will begin tutoring him with the Barton system just as soon as our materials arrive.  We now know which accommodations, such as books on tapes and a scribe, to provide in school to allow him to effectively demonstrate his learning.  We will also begin diligently working with him to have him learn to touch type.  We spent over $1000 to get the private testing and find these answers. I thank God that we finally did it.
On another note, here is the latest picture of Brynley.  He's the grubby guy on the right.  I go to New Jersey on Friday to bring him home.  I so excited, I can hardly stand it!


konnie said...

I am glad that you took the step to get your child tested. at least by knowing you child's condition you are able to help him more then before. my take is that child development during the early stages is extremely important and no parent should ever forget that. and i hope all turns out well for you child.

Lisa Leonard said...

don't waste time with guilt. so glad you got some concrete answers. we need to catch up--i want to hear more about your process. love you guys!!