Sunday, March 14, 2010

slowly progressing

Today is Day 5 since the ankle incident. There is a noticeable, significant decrease in the amount of swelling in my foot for the first time. The bruising is changing from purple to green (yuk, says my kids!). Best of all, I'm walking around fairly comfortably in my walking boot. Later today, I will try to drive my minivan.

I have reluctantly decided that I have to pull Brynley from this session of agility class. In a handling system that focuses largely on the handler's movement and body position (Greg Derrett), I don't want to mess up Bryn's understanding. I keep reminding myself that it is only a temporary setback. April 10 is the day I am supposed to work Brynley in a seminar here with Tracy Sklenar, so all my focus is on trying to heal enough to be able to run him by that day. With that in mind, I'm focusing on being a good patient and laying around with my foot up most of the time. (Okay, that's not so rough, but it's less fun when you HAVE to).

Meanwhile, here is a picture where I caught Brynley and Mickey in a rare moment of sharing space. They  were under my kitchen desk.

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