Monday, March 22, 2010

Having a ball!

My foot and ankle are slowly healing. It has been almost two weeks now since I hurt it. I go back and forth between optimism that I will be running soon now the swelling and bruising are going down, and pessimism because it still hurts, and I can not yet walk on it unsupported. Meanwhile, the weather is starting to feel a little more like spring. I'm bummed that I'm not out walking and training my dogs. Yesterday, I took the dogs, a couple of different sized tennis balls, and my camera out in the backyard so we could at least enjoy the sunshine. We did!
Annie got the ball first. Hurry back so mom will throw it again!
Brynley got the ball and ran!
A short break to watch the world go by.
Little papillons play ball, too. 
Mickey is the fiercest ball dog of all. Throw it already!

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