Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The good, the bad, the poopy

I took Mickey along to Petsmart today, and he put in an unofficial and unanticipated therapy dog visit. We met with a nice young teenager named Steven with Down syndrome who was out with his teacher and another student. Steven spent about 10 minutes sitting on the ground petting and snuggling with Mickey. For Mickey, it was the only part of the trip he enjoyed!  I was proud of the little guy. He seemed to know just what to do. 

So, I have this grand plan for the month of October. After reading an article in Reader's Digest, I decided that it would be a great experiment for our family to go the entire month without eating out;  at all. As of Oct. 1, the score is:  dinner at home 0, Qdoba Mexican Grill 1.  And this after I explained to a friend about not being able to go out to lunch! 

I thought I was done cleaning up dirty bottoms when the kids were toilet trained. Having hairy dogs, I should know better.  Yesterday I finally confronted the source of my stinky Aussie dog.  I put Annie in tub and scrubbed the business end. Yuk! No wonder she didn't smell good. Then, since I'm not diligent about keeping the dogs off the bed, the linens went in the wash! I'm considering the idea that my next dog should not have a hairy butt.

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