Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On the mend

Here's Annie after her surgery, Friday. The vet sent her home with a jaunty, new fall bandana, but it didn't entirely distract from the big, shaved hole and 11 staples in her butt!  She is recovering well. The cone has been a pain, but all the staples are still in. She will get them out next week. She seems to be feeling much better now that big, nasty cyst is gone. We might even be about ready to leave the cone off. 
It finally quit raining today, and I took Annie and Maverick for a walk after lunch. Annie got to try out the new doggie backpack I just had to get for her. It has a special place for dispensing poop bags and a pocket to carry the used bags home. She carried my keys and cell phone today. I'm thinking it will be useful in the summer when I usually walk in exercise clothes with no pockets. I'm having these visions of camping and hiking with the dogs next summer. Those who know me will be shocked if this actually happens. Meanwhile, I'm giving up on the new walking shoes I bought last month. Usually New Balance are good shoes for me, but I've been wearing this pair and they just are not comfortable, so I'm going to be on a quest for new shoes. I'm doing my small part to stimulate the economy.

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Lisa Leonard said...

Glad she is healing. We keep thinking about's just so much work! Hope you find the perfect shoes!!