Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin farm

We went to a nearby pumpkin farm yesterday for some Halloween fun. We rode the hay wagon, and picked out pumpkins. I had a good time taking pictures. We tried out the haunted house, but it was a little too scary in the pitch dark!  The kids had fun exploring all the haunted aspects of the farm and playing in a playground where they could ride a zip line.

Report cards came home on Friday. I have to say that both kids are doing very well. Son is doing as well and better, as we have hoped. His grades are mostly good. The elementary school here does non-grades, using a 1-4 scale of proficiency. I think I like this. Best all all was his separate report card for band. Son's grades for flute were straight 4s, the highest marks possible!  We are very proud of  him. 

We are slowly settling in to our life in Nebraska, and day by day it begins to feel a little bit more like home.

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Lisa Leonard said...

love the pics and so glad to hear the good news about the kids' performance in school. counting down to thanksgiving!