Monday, October 20, 2008

Maverick says

Hi Everyone!  Maverick here.  I just wanted to tell you how great my life is now!  I've been with my furever family for a whole year now!  I have my very own girl, who takes me for  walks and teaches me things. She doesn't know that I'm training her well, too!  It was just a little tough this last summer when we packed up and moved from Louisiana to Nebraska. All my family came, too, so it wasn't  too bad. I still have my aussie that I boss around, and grumpy, little Mickey, who is the other papillon in the family. I'm much bigger than he is!  The sheltie and the cats came too. My new house is big and has a great, fenced yard. Best of all, is the walking trail that goes right behind our house!  I bark at the people on it to stay away from my house, and my girl and my mom take for walks along it down around a little lake. I've been going to class to learn something called flyball. I get to play with a tennis ball and run fast, so it is really fun! My aussie goes, too. Mom and Dad say I'm going to start agility classes again soon.  I can't wait. I picked my family out at an agility trial, so I'm glad they know that I want to do agility.  I'm sure glad I saw my family that day. I just had to tell them that I was supposed to live with them. Now we are all very happy!

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Lisa Leonard said...

sounds like the sweet life to me!